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ERP Solutions

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems aim to integrate a set of business process best practices across the entire business spectrum from finance, HR, logistics to customer and supplier management relationships.

We have experience in ERP platforms such as SAP, Oracle, and PRIMAVERA.

We help both public and private sector organization and manage their ERP implementation projects with minimal disruption. Whether a client is looking to grow their revenue, or simply grow their efficiency and effectiveness, our platform and associated services allows us to deliver against their growing needs without the burden of escalating costs.

Benefits of ERP Solution Include:

• Integration of business processes,

• Organizational high performance,

• Increased efficiencies and productivity.

Our Solution Incorporates:

• Access management: managing access to the system and maintaining its governance,

• Systems rationalisation: managing disparate systems and ensuring proper interface across the entire spectrum of the IT environment,

• Blue print assessment: matching the original blue print with the implemented solution,

• Implementation sign offs: planning, managing and monitoring project implementation.