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Careers - Tree ConsultingTree Consulting


Choose to be part of a firm that is setting new standards in world economies.

As a firm we are committed to people development, taking time to understand their goals and ambitions. We have a unique heritage and culture that informs our behavior. The inspirational vision of our founders is the driving force behind our principal pursuit to develop a lasting African success story.

How we choose our people

Our people are driven and are passionate about what they do. Our primary goal is to exceed expectation, and add value in every encounter. Here we pride ourselves on:

Our leadershipVisionaries and self-starters are qualities that best describe our people.

Being values driven: Our values are the cornerstone of our firm, bringing focus to our way of working and guiding our everyday decisions.

Our high performance: As a high performance learning organization we demand the best of every individual and provide the support they need to succeed.

Our technical abilityIn-house training and development platforms enable us to build the knowledge, skills and competencies that keep us at the top of our game.


Our talent strategy focuses on:

• A focus on employing an indigenous workforce, with preference to Mozambican nationals

• Trainee accountant candidates who have achieved their certificate in the theory of accounting

• Experienced people for positions at every level, with a preference to Mozambican nationals

• The recruitment of Mozambican women

Why choose us?

We recognize that everything we do today shapes our tomorrow and as such we are committed to people development, taking time to understand their ambitions. We continue to set new standards of excellence in African business by creating a working culture that is inclusive, collaborative and where our people are equipped to challenge the ordinary and redefine standards of excellence.