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Public Sector Advisory - Tree ConsultingTree Consulting

Public Sector Advisory

The public sector is the most important agent of change when it comes to ensuring adequate service delivery and is thus our most valued client. Any improvement in public service has the capacity to impact millions of people.

For Tree Consulting, Public Sector Advisory is about partnering with government to enable the change required to deliver on public expectation. Whether it’s a governance and compliance issue, performance related, an anti-corruption strategy, financial effectiveness or ensuring enhancement of skill and capacity – our Public Sector Advisory team is able to provide expert assistance.

Our team has an in-depth understanding of the challenges facing the public sector and is equipped with both the knowledge and experience to fast-track adequate service delivery within the sector. Connect with our public sector advisory specialist to discuss how they can assist you in turning your organization or department around.

Delivering on the Public Promise

Our purpose is to partner with public sector to deliver on the public promise by supporting government in strengthening public sector performances, enhancement of accountability and driving a strong ethos of public value and service delivery.

Driving Performance

A common challenge faced by every organization is how best to service its clients. The public sector is no exception. As a country, we have made significant strides in building and sustaining a democratic government and meeting the basic needs of people as well as institutional transformation. However, service delivery remains a challenge.

Our Solutions to Public Sector Challenges

At Tree Consulting, we have tailored public sector advisory services and methodologies to match public sector needs and priorities.

In our view, a transformed and sustainable public sector requires new service delivery thinking that is holistic, collaborative and people-led in both approach, proposition, design and stakeholder interaction.

We understand the factors impacting public sector service delivery and can help government navigate through these challenges. We have developed customized governance and compliance, performance improvement, financial function effectiveness, skills and capacity building, and anti-corruption services that focus on the delivery of services to meet the public promise.

Governance and Compliance

We offer public entities a governance, risk and compliance platform to promote and maintain good governance and business ethics in the sector.

Performance Improvement

Delivering a high performance public sector through leading a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

Financial Function Effectiveness

Helping management to analyse and prioritise public sector-wide productivity and streamlining processes to improve service delivery.

Skills and Capacity Building

Training and mentoring leadership, management and employees in continuous improvement methodologies including high performance management best practices.


Identify and mitigate risks of corruption BEFORE they happen.

5 key challenges facing the public sector: