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About us - Tree ConsultingTree Consulting

About us

We are an African firm that delivers the full spectrum of audit, advisory and forensic services, never compromising on quality.

Led by our strong entrepreneurial spirit, we have an innate ability to connect experience with opportunity.

Our firm seeks opportunities to create a global legacy through delivering solutions that support the growth of our clients, enable innovation and improve overall financial performance.

We strive to be regarded as long-term trusted advisers by all of our clients, despite the size and complexity of their organizations. Our unique blend of cultural diversity, combined with a strong common purpose guides our everyday commitment towards building a legacy firm.

Global solutions for a global economy

While rooted in Africa, our international links with leading global consulting and professional services firms enable us to meet the cross-border needs of our clients, providing a broader footing across diverse industry sectors and valuable insights into their operations in the global economy.